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Servitization for Machine Builders

Field Guide

This is a comprehensive guide on topics connected with Industry Servitization.


What is Servitization?
What is Advanced Servitization: Output as a Service?
The Business Case for Servitization
What are the Three Levels of Servitization?
What is Predictive Maintenance?
What is Condition Monitoring?
The Automated Predictive Maintenance
How Does Condition Monitoring Software Help With Servitization?
How Servitization Became Mainstream Two Decades After its Introduction
What is Remote Monitoring and How is it Applied?
What is Asset Performance Management?
How Data Solves Many Industrial Problems
How Does a Digital-Platform Framework Help you Achieve Your Objectives?
What is the Machines as a Service Business Model or Maas?
What is Remote Service in the IoT World?
Five Ways OEMs can Leverage End-User Machine Data

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