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Intelligent building for a smart living. Think of your care, we will secure your home or office

Starting from industrial landscape, the X Platform transcends conventional home automation, setting a new standard in the market with its paramount focus on security, unwavering reliability, and superior longevity. These core attributes enable CORVINA and EXOR International to effectively compete in the marketplace, delivering innovative technologies that align with customer requirements. Building Automation goes beyond traditional building control, embracing the entire environment, including workspaces and offices.

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Smart Building, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence
X Platform Inside and... Outside the Factory!

Looking for an effective solution in building automation?


Schedule a session with our experts (Lorenzo Menoni and Stefano Isella) who are ready to create personalized solutions for your unique technological and business needs.
Whether you require modifications to existing applications or a fully customized architecture, we are here to collaborate with you in building the perfect solution for your requirements.

Join us, let's build your solution together.

What are the Next Steps

Organize a Meeting
To organize a visit from our people that have experience at the process, IT and OT levels and also knowledge of what is occurring globally in your sector.
Digital Assessment
The Digital Assessment is the starting point of the entire vertical integration process. The method aims to provide an overall assessment, designing a system digital path that meets strategic business objectives.
Decide on the POC
Operational POCs are always an more effective investment so as to engage the OT level in the company. Choose with CORVINA one of the various POCs we offer.
Enlarge the Project
Scalability when you have found the system for you is crucial. Widening the project to include the entire company infrastructure will be driven by your people who are now fully engaged.

What is a Digital Assessment?

The Digital Assessment is the starting point of the entire vertical integration process.


Our premium hardware offering designed by a company with 50 years of experience.

Where you can find us?

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Choosing a Supplier

Criteria to consider

Data Security
Customer Service and Support
Industry Expertise


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