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Advanced Remote Monitoring Solutions for Industrial Machine Builders and Factory Owners

Real-time Data and Predictive Insights for Machine Builders and Factory Owners

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What is Remote Monitoring?

Remote monitoring is a practice that involves monitoring and collecting data from machines, equipment, or systems located in industrial settings from a remote location. The practice is made possible by the integration of digital IoT (Internet of Things) technology, which allows businesses to remotely monitor and analyze real-time data from their machines and systems.


What are the User Cases

Machine Builders

Machine builders may use remote monitoring to provide real-time monitoring and analysis of the equipment they build for their clients, helping them to optimize their equipment's performance, improve maintenance processes, and provide better customer service

Factory Owners

Factory owners may use remote monitoring to monitor the performance of their machines and systems in real-time, to identify potential issues before they cause downtime or affect production, and to optimize their operations for better efficiency and cost savings.

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What are the criteria for choosing your supplier

Data Security
Real-time monitoring and analytics
Predictive maintenance



Multiregional VPN

Multiregional VPN Servers provide always the best performance for the VPN Remote connections.
Transparent for the customer as it doesn’t require any configuration, the Server used by the device for the connection is automatically choose by Corvina basing on Source IP information's.


Remote Connection

Remote Connection, Device Management and Debug via secure VPN allows to reach your gateway, HMI and any other device connected on the network to provide effective support, maintenance and debug to your customer.


Multitenant Management

Multitenancy with dedicate company domain to easy manage Departments, Multisite installations and  customers. This allows a hierchical view of the connected device or to manage dedicated access for customers (B2B).


User and Role 

Very granular User and Role management differenciate access to domains, organizations, functions and  devices.


Direct Access

Direct Access functionality allows to define users with simplified User Interface. With the same direct access, it is possible to reach multiple Applications on multiple device with a single click.


Industrial Connectivity

CORVINA provide an high-speed remote connection to your HMI or Gateway and to any components of your machinery. Thanks to a multi-server architecture your machine will be automatically connected to the nearest server to provide the optimal performance for remote edge management and service.

A Web Based interface allows to configure your device and endpoints. It is possible to create Application and Profile for every single machine components and assign this to User roles for provide specific access to the different function and components of the machinery.

Direct Access functionality provide effective access to Applications and endpoints without the need of the full User Interface usage. Thanks to a simplified UI, users will rapidly connects to the needed application/endpoints with any devices (mobile, tablet, PC).

Key Features

  • Only outgoing connectivity
  • Direct access to device and defined endpoints (PLC, Drive, PC..)
  • Installation and maintenance cost reduction
  • Easy management of tenants access with dedicated company domains
  • User and profile management to differenciate user access to the domain and
    the function for service
  • Different views according to different tenant of the system
  • Multiple applications (Web, VNC, JMobile client...) on device and endpoints via Web browser
  • Web agent to connect machine and endpoints (PLC, PC, Drive..) using related configuration software to debug, update project, update firmware


Recent Updates Have Included

Multiple Direct access application

  • Possibility to create a user that can access applications on multiple device in an easy and direct way

VNC runtime Password

  • Possibility to enable runtime password for VNC connections.

Device Pairing simplified using Activation Key

  • Fastest Device Provisioning thanks to a simple and intuitive process.

PLCM10 4G modem Compatibility:

  • Usage of the PLCM10 4G modem with CORVINA Cloud allows to connect any device and plants without the need of a cabled Internet Connection.