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Digitalization for Manufacturer

Field Guide

This is a comprehensive guide on topics connected with Industry Digitalization.


What is Data-Driven Inventory Optimization?
What is Digitalization?
How Simple Visualization of Data Improves Performance
What is data-driven plant performance optimization?
What is the Difference Between a Simulation and a Digital Twin?
What is Condition Monitoring?
Why You Cannot Ignore Digitalization
Digitalizing the Factory Floor to Support 5G Deployment
How Factory Owners Can Avoid Choosing the Wrong Industry 4.0 Technology
Paperless Production: What Does That Look Like?
What is Quality Performance Application?
What is Asset Performance Management?
Why it’s Best to Start with Digitalization for Industrie 4.0?
Digitalization and the Factory Workforce
How Data Solves Many Industrial Problems
Digitalization and Client Transparency
What is an Operational Performance Application?
How can Digitalization Enable Lean Production?
How can a Digital Twin Help Current Production Performance?
How Does a Digital-Platform Framework Help you Achieve Your Objectives?
What is the Difference Between Cloud as a Service and Platform as a Service?
What is Digital Transformation or Digitalization?

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Data Collection: the key role for the EXOR’s Digitalization