Empowering the Future of Manufacturing

FACTORYAL is an innovative start-up operating in the market of factory automation software.

It is part of the EXOR International group and a spin-off company from the University of Verona.

The FACTORYAL Smart Production Platform


Factory Communication Platform

A data collection architecture for manufacturing systems that acts as the main access point to
production knowledge.
It supports the most popular Industry 4.0 protocols
(e.g., OPC-UA) by providing a unified data model.



A powerful tool to model all the manufacturing aspects in one place. It allows representing plant layouts, machines features, infrastructures capabilities, products recipes and production requirements.
Models enable automatic configuration of the entire FACTORYAL software platform.


Adaptive Manufacturing Controller

A novel scheduling solution, supporting an existing MES, that dynamically reacts to events occurring during production.
During the day, it monitors continuously the machines, reacting to breakdowns or to the mutation of production requirements.

The FACTORYAL Objectives

Tracking the energy consumption for each operation in the production recipes
Enabling ESG compliance for production companies
Natively integrating data coming from heterogeneous IoT and IIoT sources
Implementing total traceability of all final and semi-finished products
Programming a production line in an agile way from models to implementation
Extending the main functionality of a MES to reach adaptive manufacturing scheduling

From Research to Industry

FACTORYAL technologies are the result of a five-years research effort and extensive experimentation in the ICE Lab: a university research lab meant to showcase the factory of the future.


A Cloud-ready Factory

The software suite by FACTORYAL is designed with the Cloud in mind.
The extensive use of software containerization allows simple on-premise deployment,
as well as seamless cloud migration.
FACTORYAL supports different cloud providers, such as CORVINA Cloud.